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Posted on: April 8, 2008 10:34 pm

H-IM training notes for 04/05 wk; new swim record

I hit a new high mark on my monthly swim total! This was the first time I've cracked 10,000 yards in a month. I've been swimming for about 2 years now, sometimes with a break when I get burnt out. For whatever reason, I've never gotten over 10,000 yards in a month. It hasn't been a goal I've ever pushed for or anything mind you, it just never happened. I hit 9,000+ yards one month last year, that's as close as I came. I realized on the 31st that I was only about 350 yards from cracking 10k, so I decided to go swim and crack this total. Well, not only did I break 10k but I broke 11k. The best part is that I didn't feel like I was making some massive investment in time & energy. The work with the swim coach has really been paying off.

As for the other parts, I bought a new bike trainer. Well, I say "new". The reality is the online store sent me some completely used POS that was in worse shape than the one I gave to my girlfriend. They swear it was an accident and it was shipped straight from the warehouse, so they're trying to get a new one to me. We'll see how that sorts out. Riding on the trainer can be a real beating; you're not going anywhere and TV can only entertain so much when you're exercising. I don't see me getting much beyond an hour at a time on that thing.

03/30 - 04/06 Totals:
Swim: 1600.00 Yd - 28m 22s
Bike: 50.39 Mi - 3h 03m 48s
Run: 8.19 Mi - 1h 23m 45s

March Totals:
Swim: 11250.00 Yd - 3h 37m 26s
Bike: 136.40 Mi - 8h 35m 29s
Run: 25.56 Mi - 4h 35m 27s
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