Posted on: February 11, 2008 11:42 pm

Texas v. Kansas, what a game!

This game absolutely typifies why I love college sports more than the pros. There was so much passion, so much heart, so much fire on display during this game. Both teams played their butts off and neither team can really feel bad about the ending.

1) Connor Atchley - or as I nicknamed him last season, "Judge Reinhold" - was amazing tonight. This is the kid we saw at the beginning of the season, the one we really thought was going to be great all year. He's struggled as of late, but tonight was a great all-around effort on his part. 16 points off 6-6 FG and 4-4 FT, you really can't ask for much more from him.
2) Damion James. What a beast. If he had stayed out of foul trouble in the first half, who knows what kind of numbers he would have put up. 14 points & 13 boards in a half. James is single-handedly the reason why Texas won the battle of the boards in the 2nd half.
3) Justin Mason: he was crashing the glass like he was trying to get worker's comp. He also makes a great point guard to free up DJ to run through screens. That guy was the glue tonight.
4) DJ Augustin. He couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat, but he learned his lesson from the ISU game and didn't put up 20+ shots when they weren't falling. Instead he got his teammates involved. Plus he hit a few free throws down the stretch to help Texas pull out this win.
5) Gary Johnson. The guy is playing with 2 broken bones in his nose AND it's dislocated. That's just crazy. He also provided quality minutes while James was out with 2 fouls in the 1st half.

1) Arthur would be unstoppable if he could go 40 minutes. Fortunately for Texas, he doesn't seem to be able to handle a full 40 minute workload. Great player though.
2) Rush did a great job pestering the Texas guards. I was convinced he was going to terrorize the UT guards on the defensive end and he definitely came through.
3) If I have a stroke 5 years early, I'm blaming it on Mario Chalmers. I just knew that last 3 was going to go in. I'm pretty happy I was wrong though.
4) Kansas really is a great passing team. They passed in, out, and through Texas' 2-3 zone to the point I thought they were the Harlem Globetrotters. Oh and let's not forget them always sending a trailer on fast breaks to take care of 2nd chance points. They must have gotten 6-8 points on simple putbacks.

I love the Texas/KU series in basketball. It always seems to produce classics, like last year when Durant stirred up echoes of Danny Manning in Allen Fieldhouse(not to mention KU's eventual comeback) and this year when the game went down to the wire. Great game by both teams, and both fanbases should be proud of their kids tonight.
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