Posted on: February 25, 2008 2:40 pm

H-IM notes for the week of 2/24

I've been staring at this page off and on all morning, trying to come up with something interesting and new to talk about as it relates to triathlons. But really, when it all boils down to it, it's all about training time. You get as much training time in as you can and if it's enough, you'll do well. Sure, there are different training methods and everybody does their training a little differently, but in the end it's simply a matter of putting the feet on the pavement and getting it done. Sometimes it's a hard thing to do; almost everybody gets burned out at some point, others have injuries to deal with, and others don't have the motivation. One of those I have(burnout), another I try to avoid(injury), and the last(motivation) is often a function of the first. There's also a line between laziness & rest that only you can answer for yourself. Take Sunday for example: I had planned to go out and ride, but despite a good night's rest I woke up tired. Between that and the weather being colder than the weathermen had forecasted(a weatherman being wrong, you're shocked I know), I packed it in for the day. I could have toughed it out and gone on the ride, but I have no idea if it would have been a productive ride. Maybe I was being lazy or maybe I've been pushing the training up too quickly, the answer is probably a bit of both. But once in awhile an extra rest day isn't a bad idea.

Anyway, here's the totals for the last week:

02/17 - 02/23 Totals:
Bike: 23.61 Mi - 1h 38m 10s
Swim: 2210.00 Yd - 1h 18m 06s
Run: 9.19 Mi - 1h 42m 53s
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